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Corn Tortillas & Chips, made with no preservatives, in Puerto Rico.

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For over 100 years in our family, all that was left was to share it with you all!

A secret family recipe for the best corn tortillas. Made with natural ingredients, with no gluten or preservatives, and full of our grandma’s love.

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Tortilla Chips

Our tortilla chips are made with love, and three simple ingredients: corn, vegetable oil, and sea-salt from Puerto Rico.

Try them! You’ll know why they are 
# TheChipForYourDip

Corn Tortillas

Made with no preservatives and with an authentic flavor, they are perfect for any recipe. Available in the traditional 6″ or the taco size 4″.

After trying them, you will only want Tortillas Doña Lola.

Only Tortillas Doña Lola!


With our grandmas love

A tradition born from love, now shared with the rest of the world!


Made in Puerto Rico, with simple ingredients organic corn, vegetable oil, and sea-salt from Puerto Rico.

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