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Passion is the most important ingredient.

Tortilla Chips

Vegan | Low in Sodium | No Gluten, Cholesterol and Preservatives

Tortilla Chips prepared with love and produced with three simple ingredients: corn, vegetable oil, and sea salt from Puerto Rico.

Corn tortillas

Vegan | Low in Sodium | No Gluten, Cholesterol and Preservatives
They are perfect for any recipe. Available in the traditional 6 “and the 4” cue rack.

Salsas & Dips

No Gluten, Cholesterol and Preservatives
Complete the recipe with a sauce made by us or one of our friends.

Longanizas & Sausages

High quality handcrafted, USDA inspected.
Alcor foods is a family business that has the best sausages and sausages in Puerto Rico, they focus on using the best ingredients to offer a product of the best quality.


No preservatives, whole grain, and naturally free of gluten.

Want to make your own tortillas and tamales? No problem! We have the best flour, of the highest quality and traditional flavor.

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Currently you can find the Doña Lola tortilla chips in more than 72 locations around Puerto Rico.

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