Our History

The Recipe

Passion for contributing to the country, but above all honoring Grandmother Dolores

The Sunday of each week was the sacred day for Doña Lola, or as we liked to call her “Abue”. At home, love and food were never lacking on the table for the arrival of her grandchildren. As a good Mexican, Abue cooked us everything, especially her mystical corn tortillas.

The recipe for Abue’s tortillas has been in our family for more than 100 years. It is a secret perfect mix that has only been shared from generation to generation. At the time, it passed to our mother and then to us, her grandchildren. As a half-Puerto Rican and half-Mexican family, we wanted to share the secret of our family reunions with Puerto Ricans, the most delicious tortillas made with the determination, patience and love of Doña Lola.

Being Mexicans on the island, we realized that Puerto Ricans needed fresh and healthy Mexican food. For this reason, armed with the tortilla machine of our Puerto Rican grandfather, we began to make what would be the first production of Tortillas Doña Lola. A few tries later, we managed to get some fresh tortillas free of preservatives and gluten.
How delicious they tasted!


Tortillas and Tortilla Chips Doña Lola are made 100% in Puerto Rico, with organic corn, vegetable oil and Puerto Rican sea salt.

Lola's Grandchildren

Hello! We are Roberto, Juan and Daniel, the Rivera Ramos brothers.

Three children from Puerto Rico and Mexico, with professional experiences in the area of engineering.

Before founding Molcajete Foods LLC, we were part of the Puerto Rican diaspora; and with hearts determined on the idea of contributing to Puerto Rico, we returned to the island to share our grandmother Lola’s recipe.

Hand in hand with our Grandmother’s secret recipe, we create quality corn tortillas and chips, without preservatives and with an authentic flavor.

Molcajete Foods

Molcajete Foods Logo

At Molcajete Foods we believe in making food products using simple and natural ingredients, just like those found in our grandmother Doña Lola’s cupboard. We are a company founded on family principles and values

We feel driven by:
  1. Contribute to the economic development of our community, city and island.
  2. Achieve greater and better food sovereignty for our country
  3. Fight food waste and famine

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